Layer2DAO Strengthens L2 Ecosystem through Integration with zkSync on HyperBridge

Spherium Finance
3 min readSep 19, 2023

Layer2DAO, a decentralized autonomous organization focused on supporting and investing in Layer 2 (L2) ecosystem protocols, has recently integrated with the zkSync network on HyperBridge. This integration marks a significant milestone for both Layer2DAO and zkSync, as it further strengthens the L2 ecosystem and opens up new opportunities for growth and innovation.

HyperBridge, a cross-chain bridge that enables seamless interoperability between different blockchain networks, recently added support for zkSync. Hence, Layer2DAO becomes the first project coming to the zkSync ecosystem using HyperBridge. With the incorporation of cross-chain bridging into its core functionality, Layer2DAO has deployed its native token $L2DAO on zkSync. Visit here to bridge

Fostering Innovation and Collaboration in the Layer 2 Space

Layer2DAO’s decision to integrate with zkSync on HyperBridge is a testament to the platform’s potential and the value it brings to the L2 ecosystem. As a DAO, Layer2DAO is committed to supporting and investing in protocols that have a high impact on the Layer 2 space. By integrating with zkSync, Layer2DAO aims to foster innovation, collaboration, and growth within the L2 ecosystem.

zkSync, a Layer 2 scaling solution built on zkRollup technology, offers significant advantages over traditional Layer 1 solutions. It provides faster transaction speeds, lower fees, and improved scalability, making it an attractive option for users and developers alike. By integrating with zkSync, Layer2DAO ensures that its community members can leverage these benefits and contribute to the growth of the L2 ecosystem.

Enhanced Connectivity: The Key to L2 Growth

Additionally, the integration with HyperBridge provides Layer2DAO with increased connectivity and interoperability. HyperBridge’s cross-chain capabilities enable seamless transfers of assets and data between different blockchain networks, creating a more interconnected and efficient ecosystem. This connectivity is crucial for the growth and adoption of Layer 2 solutions, as it allows users to easily access and utilize different L2 protocols.

In conclusion, the integration of Layer2DAO with zkSync on HyperBridge is a significant development for the L2 ecosystem. It strengthens the ecosystem by providing support and investment opportunities for high-impact L2 protocols. By leveraging zkSync’s Layer 2 scaling solution and HyperBridge’s cross-chain capabilities, Layer2DAO aims to foster innovation, collaboration, and growth within the L2 space. This integration opens up new possibilities for developers, users, and projects, further propelling the adoption and advancement of Layer 2 solutions.

About Spherium Finance

Spherium Finance is a cross-chain protocol offering a complete suite of financial services consisting HyperStake, HyperBridge and HyperSwap with all these features integrated in one platform. Spherium’s HyperStake is currently built on Layer2 solution to minimize gas fees and increase execution speed.

With the cross-chain DEX, HyperSwap will enable users to swap tokens in a robust multi-chain through their uber-cool web and mobile app interface, integrating an even deeper layer of DeFi solutions such as Staking, Yield farming, and Dual Farming extending the footsteps of the biggest cross-chain community.






About Layer2DAO

Layer2DAO is a decentralized autonomous organization dedicated to driving the widespread adoption of Layer 2 protocols within the Ethereum ecosystem. The DAO utilizes its treasury strategically to support projects that show promise and contribute to the growth of the Layer 2 ecosystem. Moreover, Layer2DAO actively engages in liquidity provisioning, NFT creation, and various value-adding activities that reinvest proceeds back into the DAO